Thursday, April 22, 2010

Family day tomorrow @ Bangalore

   Kim Moir pointed out in her post the other day that Eclipse community is like family. Rightly said! The Eclipse Indian "Family" is huddling-up tomorrow at Bangalore for Eclipse Day India. Its an exciting time for all of us out here in the sub-continent. Just as I am adding the finishing touches to my talk, I am also figuring out which talks to attend. I'll start off with the keynote. Thanks to the volcano (whose name I cannot pronounce),  Rajesh Thakkar will be delivering the keynote. "G-Eclipse made Cloud easy !",  "OSGi Tutorial", "Let us ship it!" is my list for the morning session. Post-lunch its going to be "Splash Screen++ by Jagadeesh" (I know, the schedule says Creating Splash Screen but i've seen this guy and u don't want to overlook this lightning talk). Then its Patterns time!! "Patterns in Eclipse by Madhu Samuel." Gulp down some tea and finish up the day with "RAP" and "Unconference." The schedule can be found here.

   The last part of the day will be particularly interesting - Unconference! This is like: walk-in, register, color up the unconference board with a topic, and talk. If your talk put up on the unconference board has good enough votes you will get to speak.

   See you tomorrow!

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